What Is Considered As A Classic Muscle Car?

Muscle cars can be defined as America’s high-performance cars. The term muscle car was coined in the early 1960s and 70s when special editions of cars were being designed and mass produced for drag racing. These cars usually featured a rear wheel drive and were fitted with a powerful huge V8 engine.

At nctransmission.net we consider Muscle cars which are 20 years or older to be considered classic muscle cars. The general theme is any old muscle car with enough historical interest to be considered a collectible and worth restoring or preserving rather than scrapping.

Organizations like the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) term muscle cars produced in the 60s and 70s as classic muscle cars with the 1974 models as the cutoff. Notable classic muscle cars include 1968 to 1970 Dodge Charger, Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang Boss 302, Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Plymouth Road Runner, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, Ford GT40, Corvette C2, Dodge Challenger.

Legally, many states have time-based rules for what would be considered a classic car for the purposes of antique vehicle registration. For instance, Maryland defines historic or classic cars (muscle cars inclusive) as vehicles 20 years old or older and they must not have been substantially remanufactured, remodeled, or altered from the original design of the manufacturer. On the other hand, West Virginia defines classic cars as vehicles manufactured 25 years prior to the current year. And such cars are eligible for classic car license plates.

According to Wikipedia, any car from the 1960s and 70s, the peak of the muscle car era is most definitely a classic. However, that also depends on the extent to which a car has been altered or modified. Pure originals are classics and those which have been extensively remodeled to include modern parts and technology are not. However, a classic which has been restored employing minimal remodeling could still be considered a classic muscle car.

Muscle Car Maintenance Guide For Your Classic Muscle Car

Although muscle cars are known as strong and powerful cars, they still require regular maintenance, in order to remain in excellent condition. And as they have high-performance engines, the maintenance that has to be carried out is a lot more complicated than the normal tune-ups. It is necessary to monitor things like the oil and cooling systems, in order to ensure that your engine won’t break down when you push it to the limit. Visit us or check out this muscle car maintenance guide for your classic muscle car:

In order to keep your vehicle in top notch condition, it is important to check your car’s battery regularly. If you fail to maintain your car, it may not be able to store enough electricity to power up your car. Therefore, you ought to ascertain that the the level of sulphuric acid in the batteries is always at the recommended point, and make sure to clean the battery terminals.

Braking system of your car is another important part that needs to be taken care of. Muscle cars have heavy-duty engines that allow them to go at high speeds, so it is necessary that the braking system is strong enough to stop effectively. Be sure to check whether the brake pads are in good condition, if the disc brakes are working properly and other important things.

Oil is perhaps the lifeblood of your car’s engine. If neglected, it will cause damage to various components of the engine. So you need to regularly monitor the oil level to check if it is enough, and do not forget to replace it after a few thousand miles. Synthetic engine oil is recommended for high-powered engines, since it can withstand much higher temperatures.

So you need to keep these things in mind if you want to keep your classic muscle car in good condition.

Beginners Guide to Muscle Cars and Why They Are So Popular

There is no denying that muscle cars are popular and the ones that do not own one wish they had a powerful beast waiting in the driveway. At http://toyotaserviceorangecounty.com/ we believe it is easy to understand the reason why they are so popular. Muscle cars are powerful, have a sporty look and they are very fun to drive. However, there are a lot of cars that pretend to be a muscle car. Appearances can be deceiving.

A true muscle car is the first of all-powerful. By powerful, we mean a big engine and plenty of BHP under the hood. Most of them are rear-wheel drive because it makes them more fun to drive and is less prone to understeer. A true muscle car must have at least 300 BHP which seems like a lot when compared with regular daily drivers and this is why they sell so well. Most people that are interested in muscle cars forget about how important the driving experience is and muscle cars offer plenty of that.

Design is also decisive when it comes to muscle cars. You can have trucks with 300 BHP but that does not make them muscle cars. Muscle cars are two door coupes with 2 or 4 seats, very little trunk space and a very large engine bay to make room for a large engine. They also very wide wheels to give them superior road grip but they tend to be less aerodynamic. For example, a Golf R has about 300 BHP but it is not a muscle car. Muscle cars must have aggressive lines to emphasize on power rather than speed.

The combination of all of the above-mentioned aspects, make muscle cars extremely popular. They might not be ideal as a daily driver and some people buy them as a second car. Regardless, a muscle car can still be a daily driver for someone that does not need a lot of trunk space or need to carry more than one passenger.

3 Reason Why You Should Restore Your Classic Car

Classic cars are not just old, they are a piece of history and some models still look great by today’s standards. The sad part is that many let their classic cars rust in their backyard without knowing how valuable it might be and that a lot of car enthusiasts only dream of owning them. At thecardoctor.org we want you to consider these reasons for restoring your classic car.

1.  Easy To Get Parts for Classic Cars

Parts for classic cars can be quite cheap. You can find parts for some classic cars with most distributors. For cars that are very old and may not have spare parts were still made, it is easy to find a donor car. Wrecks are very cheap and can be found even on online auctions.

2.  Classic Cars Are Easy To Work On

Classic cars have much simpler designs. Modern cars have loads of sensors and all sorts of systems that are not present in classic cars. Classic cars were made to just run and offer a minimum level of comfort by today’s standards. Also, it is easy to find tutorials online on how to restore them, fix problems or even get parts easier.

3.  Classic Cars Increase In Value Over Time

Classic cars have the tendency of becoming more expensive as time goes by. Classic American cars are probably the most valuable. Restoring one will suddenly spike its value. This happens because there are less and less classic cars in good conditions that run and drive. Scarcity is what makes them valuable. A restored car can be as expensive as a new car.

There are many more reasons to restore a classic car and it is not even that difficult. It can be considered a side project. It will take time and it will feel like it is never finished but it is rewarding and for car enthusiasts, it is even a means of relaxing. Taking time off to work on a classic car is, in fact, a very popular hobby.  Check out this video.

What Makes Muscle Cars So Popular In Auto World?

Because Muscle Cars Are Hot, Big, Powerfull And Real Cars!

Your parents, your wife, your boss, your mates don’t understand who you are, what should you do? fight them? repeat over and over again the same? No, just say OK, leave and go to the garage.

At OC German INC, we know why cars are so great, they never complain, you can choose exactly the kind of car you want – big, small, sharp, refined, elegant, fast, etc. – and still you can modify every aspect that you want to improve it. And so, at the end of the day – or days, months or years to be honest – you end up with a piece of machinery that really express who you are.

So, why Muscle Cars over other kinds of cars? Well, they make you cool in a glance: they must be powerful and imposing, and that’s how they were designed to be. As a result, the path to be distinguished as a bold and striking person will be half the way close with a Muscle Car.

How much will it cost me? Not much to be honest, one of the appeals of these platforms is that they’re fairly cheap, you can get a Dodge Charger SRT from the mid 2000s for less than $10,000, what means that you can sit 5 people comfortably, get a big trunk, good features and drive at 140mph with no effort at all.

What if I want more style or speed? Well fortunately in the US and – thanks to a better-connected world – almost world-wide, there is a huge offer of parts, replacements, upgrades and customization options for every car. So, you can buy an old school, classic, hot 70’s Chevelle SS 454 and choose between restore its original engine entirely or, with the power of a click, getting an LS conversion kit that can turn it into a +600 hp monster, with sometimes bolt-on ease. Of course, getting mad on the mods will cost you money.

What about corners? Come on, 99% of the time you’ll be cruising, you’re far away from being an F1 driver, and you’ll crash for sure if you attempt going fast in corners. This cars are real, they don’t have to be fast on corners because nobody – at least no reasonable person – will try to hit 80 mph on suburbs streets. Yes, you can look at JDM cars, but getting a proper turbo for a Miata will cost you a couple of grand, and yet you won’t be able to listen to a rumbling v8, and won’t be able to carry 3 people comfortably. Of course, you can try to go Porsche or Bimmer but, seriously, you have enough money to spend every time they break? or enough time to spend for a replacement part that is flying all over a sea?

That’s why Muscle cars are so awesome, they were and are still designed for what real people want and need: cool-looks, space, practicality, power, speed, easy to repair and upgrade, all, at a great price.

Need more reasons?  Check out this YouTube Channel

Best Tips to Find the Best Vintage Muscle Car

Are you looking to find the best vintage muscle car? Stamey Performance INC we want to help you find the car you want.  Follow these simple guidelines to help you buy the car of your dreams and make your decision easy:

Know what you want

When buying a muscle car, you ought to know the type or model you are looking for. Make a list of all brands or models that you are interested in and try to obtain some information on their prices and characteristics. Keep in mind the fact that car models and brands tend to differ greatly, even if they all belong to the same class.

Know your budget

Knowing your financial capabilities always makes your search easier and organized. Therefore, it would be prudent to know how much you can spend on your car. This way you can always narrow down your options and pick only your preferred vehicle at a rate that suits your budget.

Compare Prices

Another great way to find the best vintage muscle car is by searching for different car dealers and comparing their prices. You may not want to visit all of them, but you can still get some information from the Internet.

However, you need to keep in mind the fact that as these cars are vintage cars, it may not be possible to compare different models.

Attend Car Shows

You can attend muscle car shows, in order to get some important knowledge on muscle cars. Car shows can provide you with a lot of information about vintage muscle cars. You will be able to get the details you need.

Consider Maintenance

Perhaps, the biggest factor to consider is how rare the parts are for the model that you are considering. In case the parts are hard to come by, it might cost you thousands of dollars to repair your vehicle. These are all some key aspects to look at before buying a classic muscle car for you.

A good way to get started is look at what is for sale on line. Check out what is available through Autotrader.

3 Reasons Why Mustang Is Still The Best Muscle Car

The Mustang has managed to convince the world that muscle cars can be great daily-drivers, easy to maintain, has cheap parts and over the past few years, it is even much more eco-friendly. At www.kbmotorsports.biz we find the new engines in the latest generation of Ford Mustang use smaller engines but deliver plenty of power, have good mileage and have lower emissions. As if that is not convincing enough, here are 3 reasons why the Mustang still remains the best muscle car in the world:

1.  Most Powerful Car In Its Price Range

The Mustang has always been popular because a lot of people could afford it. It is still one of the most affordable muscle cars with almost no competitors in its price range. For the same money, it is nearly impossible to even find a car with comparable BHP or that offers similar sporty driving experience, precise steering and loads of torque.

2.  Parts Are Cheap and Easy to Find

Not only that Mustangs are affordable but they are actually quite cheap to maintain and repair. Being an all-American car makes the parts cheap, have great quality and they are very easy to find. This happens because Mustangs are popular cars and all parts distributors have everything in stock. Parts can be ordered and shipped the same day in most cases. For European cars, parts are much more expensive which is one more reason to buy American.

3.  Easy to Find Good Mechanics to Work on Mustangs

Being able to find a good mechanic is a great plus. Repairs are quick and everyone is familiar with their common problems. Some people even fix their mustangs in their driveway since parts are easy to find. Also, because they are very popular, there are a lot of mechanics that are very good with Mustangs. At the opposite pole, finding a mechanic for a European car is much more difficult.

You don’t have to take our word for it, check out what Carmax has to say about the Best Muscle Cars of 2019.

Tools And Equipment Required For Restoration Of A Muscle Car

Restoring a muscle car tends to be a very challenging project. The reward and the sense of accomplishment achieved from the restoration process creates a closer bond between the owner and his/her prized possession. However, for the process to be successful, a lot of tools and equipment are put into use. Some of the tools are very pricey and it would be a good idea to borrow or rent rather than purchase them if you are planning to perform the restoration process at home.

Below are some of the tools and equipment Hybrid Battery Repair suggests you will need for a muscle car restoration

(1). Space/garage

You need a place where you will be doing your job. Ensure that you’ve got enough space to store the disassembled vehicle parts during restoration. You may consider renting a workshop if you don’t have such a space. A garage helps to keep your car out of the weather. Ensure it has power.

(2). Air compressor

Having an air compressor, air tools, and a spray gun is a must during this process. Compressors can either be smaller or double stage. Every tool has a different requirement from the compressor so you should research well before you buy/borrow one so as to meet those requirements.

(3). Welding equipment

You will definitely need a welder for this job. MIG welder is easy to operate for first-timers. However, you should do enough practice before you start working on any valuable part of the restoration project.

(4). Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Have at least four Jack stands to safely hold your car. Ensure that they can hold the vehicle’s weight.

(5). Other must-have tools include:

  • Full set of wrenches
  • A ratchet and a full set of sockets
  • Full set of screwdrivers
  • 5″ air grinder
  • Die Grinder
  • Body hammers
  • Paint guns
  • Air files and air lines
  • Pry bars
  • Longhand file boards

The right tools on hand make all the difference in a restoration project.

5 Best Muscle Cars 2019

These days, muscle car enthusiasts look for more than a dope honking engine under the hood. Bold, Loud, Adrenaline, Power, Aggressive are the words that truly define a muscle car. www.hillmanfamilyautomotive.com suggests that these are the 5 best muscle cars 2019 that rules the modern streets. The list follows no particular order.

1. Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Nothing screams “Muscular” like giving a 707 horsepower muscular car another 90 horsepower. Yes, 797 hp, that’s one eye popping horsepower that Challenger Hellcat Redeye (worth $72,745) can produce. This beast runs a 11.8s-second quarter mile and can blast to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. The Redeye is the sturdiest car in production with the top speed of 203 mph.

2. Chevrolet Camaro SS

This is the sturdiest trim worth $37,000 for all Camaro fans. Here, SS stands for Super Sport. The exceptional chassis and energetic engine of Camaro SS create an experience that only the top model muscle cars can match. It puts a whopping 455 horse power under your foot and same amount of torque. Camaro SS blasts to 60 mph in about 4.1 seconds.

3. Dodge Charger Hellcat

Not only Ford or Mustang rules the world of muscle cars. Built to bully sports car owners, Hellcat runs on supercharged 6.2 L V8 producing 707 horsepower. The models of this four doors sedan start at $67,995.The massive force propels this beast to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

4. Ford Mustang Bullitt

When considering the special edition to collection of ford muscle cars, this is one stunning beast with an enhanced version of 5.0 L V8 which can produce 480 horsepower. With a cost of $46,595 , this beefiest trim can hit 163 mph. Mustang Bullitt can hit the roads hurrying the speed up to 60mph in 4 second

5. Ford Mustang GT

 The mighty car with improved down force and automatic and manual transmissions, the car pulls aggressively off the line and places pressure on your chest while going all the way from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds. The speed and horsepower of Mustang GT makes it totally worth of $35,555.

Muscle Car Insurance Tips – What Do You Need To Know

You might need a lot of money to invest in your classic car. Even the very process of getting the best parts for your vehicle can get quite expensive. But, all of this could seem nothing in comparison to the total car insurance cost. Here are some useful muscle car insurance tips from FT Auto to help you find the best type of muscle car insurance in your area:

First of all, it is imperative for you to understand the fact that most insurance companies would be looking to charge a higher premium to insure any type of muscle car. There are different factors that may be responsible for this price hike, but in general it is due to the fact that these cars are both rare and powerful. With that said, it does not mean that you cannot find a good deal on your muscle car insurance plan.

It is recommended that you receive price estimates from as many companies as possible, before making your final decision. Also, you may have to decide the type of insurance you need. Do you need just collision insurance? Or, would you rather prefer total coverage? The decision will largely depend upon your specific requirements.

Be sure to get the guaranteed assessment before you select the company that has won your confidence. They need to provide you with all details in writing, with regard to the amount that you will get if your car meets an accident or gets stolen. In addition to that, you must read the whole fine print and make sure that you completely understand what they will offer.

You will have to invest a considerable amount of time when it comes to looking for insurance providers, as there could be massive discrepancies from one company to another. Thus, you should gauge all options and check out all possible details before making any final decision.

5 Tips To Transport Your Classic Muscle Car

Having a muscle car means that you’ve invested a lot and therefore you should take every precaution to protect your investment. Sometimes you may be required to transport your vehicle for a service or when going for a vacation. Choosing to ship your car rather than drive it can be better since it minimizes the chances of depreciation/accidents. Nevertheless, hiring an auto transport company or choosing to tow a trailer yourself is a decision for you to make. Brake repair Temecula brings you 5 tips to transport your classic muscle car.

(1). Researching about the reputation and the safety records of the shipping company.

You can’t just trust any company to transport your muscle car. You need to perform thorough research on the transporting company to avoid disappointments at the end. You can decide to ask friends who have used the same services from that company if they were happy and satisfied and whether their cars were damaged after shipping. You can also check the customers’ reviews.

Additionally, check their safety records with the relevant authorities such as the state’s transportation department.

(2). Asking about the firm’s insurance coverage as well as checking yours too.

You should request to have a copy of the company’s insurance details for verification from the insurance company. This will help to know if your car is covered in case of an accident. However, you should check your insurance coverage as well for the protection of uncovered losses by the shipping company.

(3). Remove valuables

Consider removing valuables like removable emblems and car stereos to prevent any possible theft when shipping.

(4). Documenting the condition of your car

You can decide taking photos of the vehicle before shipping so that in case of any damage you will have evidence showing its original condition. This will help during compensation by the insurance firm.

(5). Enclosed trailers

You can choose this if you decide to tow a trailer. This not only offers the best car protection but also have amenities like kitchen, bathroom and pop up sleepers thus you and your car have quality time.

Get a quote to transport your classic car.

How To Buy Classic Muscle Car Online

If you are looking to buy classic muscle cars online, but have no idea where to begin, this article should help you get started or contact us for more information. Here are some useful tips on how to buy classic muscle car online:

There are still several different models existing in this niche and certain models may be more expensive than others due to their uniqueness and rarity. From different manufacturers to a variety of models, these types of cars are available in almost all styles, colors and designs. However, before you buy, you ought to determine which type of car you can really afford and whether or not you are planning to conduct any type of restoration work on the vehicle.

Before buying a classic muscle car online, it is necessary for you to have some background information regarding muscle cars. Your research must include the car’s history, current condition and its prices on different online sources. Do not forget to check if the parts are easily available for the particular model you are interested in.

There are a number of websites where you can purchase classic muscle cars. But, it is important to understand that not all these sources are credible. In some cases, you could easily fall prey to an online fraud. Therefore, you ought to find sites that could offer maximum protection to you as well as the seller. Be sure to read the terms of service on the website that you plan to shop from.

Make sure to schedule a detailed inspection of your vehicle. If the car is not in good condition, they will be reluctant to accept the inspection request.

With that, it would be best if you could give the car a test drive if possible. This will help you avoid a lot of problems later on. So keep all these guidelines in mind when looking to buy a classic muscle car online.

If you are looking to buy a car, or just like to see what is available, check out Old Car Online.

Why Selling Your Muscle Car Online Is Good?

Not everyone is very fond of the idea of selling their beloved muscle car online but there are some benefits to it. Used car dealers do it and if they find it lucrative to sell their cars online, it should be beneficial to you as well. At BMW Repair San Francisco we suggest you consider these reasons:

1.  More People Will See Your Car

If you try to sell your car by placing a local ad or passing it over to a local used car dealer will only limit you to potential sellers within your area. This means that it might take longer to find a buyer.  Here is one option to sell Classic Cars online.

2.  Negotiation Leverage

Because more people will be interested in buying your car, you will be able to get a better price. Surely there is someone out there that really wants your particular muscle car and is willing to pay more than other potential buyers. You can get multiple offers from buyers and take the best one. There is no need to be in a hurry and sell it to the first person that comes up with the cash.

3.  Just As Safe As Selling It Trough A Dealer

Selling your muscle car is just as safe as selling it through a brick-and-mortar used car dealer. You will be able to discuss details with potential sellers even before meeting them. You can get offers even before having people over to inspect your car and you can select who you want to allow to see your car.

4.  Much More Convenient

Convenience is probably the first thing that you should think about when placing an online ad. It is the same with cars. Selling your muscle car online is just a matter of taking a few photos, placing the ad online and then wait for offers. You do not have to put in much effort to get your car listed.

DIY Vs Professional Muscle Car Restoration

Do you have a muscle car? If so, do you want to restore it? Muscle car restoration is an excellent way to get the car of your dreams. When it comes to muscle car restoration, there are a wide variety of options available. Either you could try to do it yourself, or you may hire a professional to do it for you.  We are BMW Specialists.  If you have yet to decide, it will be a good idea to investigate the pros and cons of each option.

Restore your Muscle Car DIY

If you try to do it yourself, the primary advantage is that you will be able to have your car restored exactly the way you have always wanted. As you know what you are looking for, you won’t face any other problems and issues that may lead to something other than your expectations. Although this is a major benefit of doing it yourself, you will come to know that there are many other benefits as well.

One of the biggest drawbacks to do it yourself muscle car restoration is experience. Chances are that you may have zero experience in this particular area, which could lead to poor results. And a poor quality car restoration will likely have a negative impact on your car.

Professionally Restored Muscle Car

With that said, there are several benefits of having your car professionally restored. If you take your car to a restoration shop, you can be rest assured that the job will be carried out by highly trained and competent individuals.

Muscle car parts are another major benefit to having your car professionally restored. Finding parts on your own can be difficult, so getting the assistance of a professional is always helpful.

Is DIY vs Professional Muscle car restoration best for you?

Obviously, there are certain drawbacks to having your car professionally restored. One of those disadvantages is the cost. The cost will vary, depending on the type of shop you pick.

Thus, you should weigh all the pros and cons when it comes to DIY vs professional muscle car restoration.

What You Should Consider When Restoring Your Muscle Car?

Do you have a muscle car that you’ve been keeping in your garage or purchased and you’re considering to restore it? Well, that decision must have been influenced by many factors before reaching such a conclusion. However, there’re several things that you should keep in mind before kick-starting the restoration process. If you would like our help read more. Let’s have a look at what you should consider when restoring your muscle car?

1) Budget

This is the most crucial thing that will determine your success. The cost of restoring a muscle car can be very expensive depending on the degree of restoration that’s needed. You should evaluate the expenses to be incurred. Consider setting a budget and adding about 30% to cater for unplanned expenses that may occur.

2) Determining the type of project

This involves evaluating the level of restoration that’s needed, whether it’s minimal restoration project or if it will require a more involving approach. Depending on the type, age and the condition of your car, you’ll know if you can handle the challenge or if you need to seek the services of a professional.

3) Frame and body

Before you start restoring the car, check the condition of the frame and the body and ensure it’s rust free as much as possible and that the car is still solid.

4) Checking the condition of its engine

You should perform thorough tests and check all of the fluids. If the engine needs to be replaced, consider going for the new and original replacement parts. If you can’t find one, go for used parts in excellent condition.

5) Painting

You should prepare the car properly before painting it. This involves taking care of scratches before painting. Paint with black primer first to hide the dents and other imperfections.

6) Having the right tools

Having the necessary tools make the job easier. Such items include auto body kits, electrical testers, and safety glasses.

1971 Dodge Challenger Restoration Project

What To Look When You’re Planning To Buy A Preowned Muscle Car

Every car guy loves muscles cars, no exceptions. There is a demand for them and there is no need to explain why. We at http://www.palumbosautomotive.com/ would like to explain what to look for when buying a preowned muscle car in order to avoid getting a lemon or a car with far too many problems to be worth spending money on.

Engine Choice

The general trend in the automotive industry is to put turbos on everything. Preowned cars can be found with naturally aspirated engines or with turbocharged engines. Turbocharged engines have higher cylinder pressure, are a bit less reliable and have turbo lag at low revs. On the other hand, naturally aspirated engines have less BHP per cylinder but they are much more responsive and have good reliability.

Maintenance History

It is nearly impossible to know exactly what kind of maintenance work was done on a preowned car. Still, it is better if you lift the engine cap and look if it has black smudge inside. That means that the oil was not changed at the right intervals. Check the condition of the brake pads, if the car breaks properly if the transmission shifts properly and look out for any suspicious noise coming from under the hood. If anything might seem suspicious to you, ask the dealer about it or have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

Manual or Automatic?

Manual gearboxes or stick shifts are quite rare these days. A manual gearbox may be a bit more inconvenient to use especially in start-stop traffic but it is reliable. An automatic transmission can be good as well if it is properly maintained. The main issue is that when an automatic transmission breaks down it is much more expensive to fix than a manual one.

Gas Mileage

Muscle cars have big engines which also mean poor gas mileage. It might be worth checking muscle cars with smaller engines, give them a test drive to get a feel of how they drive and handle. If they feel right, there is no need to go for a bigger engine because the smaller engine muscle car may save thousands of gas over the course of several years.

Here are some more tips

Tips To Rebuild And Modify Your Muscle Car

Isn’t restoring a muscle car a fun project? However, for your vehicle to retain or increase its value while remaining fun, proper modifications and restoration must be performed correctly.  Click Here for how we can help. Automotive technology has really improved over the past decades and many brands have been developed. This means that to achieve maximum enjoyment from your car you must rebuild as well as modify it.

Modifying and rebuilding of a muscle car involves covering the following items:

  • Planning your restoration
  • Bodybuilding
  • Interior
  • -Cooling and breathing
  • Chassis, suspension, and steering
  • Underhood extras
  • Better brakes
  • Electrical system

Here are some tips to rebuild and modify your muscle car.

1) Plan the restoration process ahead of time.

This type of cars are very sensitive and any error could alter their exterior appearance. Consider doing research and seeking expert’s opinion on the right way to do it. Make a list of the things to do and let it serve as your guide.

2) Set more time and effort in rebuilding the body.

The body of a muscle car should be given proper treatment and more care, especially if you want to modify the engine and the overall system. If you’re not sure of what to do and you aren’t familiar, you can hire an expert to do it for you.

3) Settling for a major auto detailing

If the interior of a muscle car is improved and modified, it’s advisable to go for an auto detailing process. This will help to revamp and overhaul its exterior. You should also repaint, repair the damaged parts and check its wheel.

4) Check the electrical system of your muscle car.

Ensure there’re proper electrical wirings and the horns and lights are well-functioning. Don’t forget to ensure the battery is working well.

5) Don’t change the overall physical appearance unless you want to remodel it.

Of which it will no longer be a muscle car. Try to keep it original.

Pros And Cons Of Buying Bigger Wheels For A Muscle Car

Everyone wants to put bigger wheels on their muscle car. A muscle car simply looks better with bigger wheels but most people forget about looking into the details and what are the implications. Check out Our Services for Muscle Cars.  Bigger wheels will change the behavior of the car and it is not all great. There are some positive aspects and some negative ones. It is important to know both the pros and the cons in order to make an informed decision.

Pros Of Buying Bigger Wheels

Putting on bigger wheels means improved road grip. At the same time, it helps the car have more precise cornering. Last but not least, bigger wheels mean better breaking since the car sticks better to the road. These are the main reasons for which one would upgrade to bigger wheels beside the fact that it makes the car look better.

Cons Of Buying Bigger Wheels

Not everything is great when getting bigger wheels. Some of the most common issues with bigger wheels include things such as higher fuel consumption or loss in torque. The car will feel a bit slower when accelerating. Steering will prove to be a bit harder since there is a large surface on which friction is happening when the wheels are turning. Another aspect is tire wear. Because the sidewalls are lower and the steering is heavier, tires will wear faster. Finally, the speedometer will be inaccurate. Because the wheels are bigger, it will be difficult to calculate the exact speed of the car.

Which is best for your car?

There are many positive and negative aspects and they need to be properly assessed. A lot of car owners are not aware of all the issues with getting bigger wheels and they end up regretting having the upgrade. It is a rather big investment and it is important to make a clear judgment call after evaluating both the pros and the cons. A lot of muscle car owners do this upgrade but just as many decide to go with the size recommended by the car manufacturer.

What Really Makes The Best Muscle Car?

While muscle cars may not be a great choice as a family car, they are great as daily drivers and spacious enough for a driver, passenger, and some cargo. They are popular amongst men and women of all ages and they do not seem to be going away anytime soon despite the global trend to use smaller turbocharged engines. If you would like to discuss services on your Muscle Car click here.

A good muscle car must follow the established design lines. It needs to be a 2 or 4 seat compact sedan with an aggressive design line. They are not meant to be aerodynamic. Muscle cars must have an aggressive look from all angles. This may mean extra air intakes, large front grille, and large wheels.

The looks of the car are the main criteria for how buyers pick a muscle car. Probably even more important than the design is what can be found under the hood. A good muscle car must have a large engine and deliver plenty of power. It needs to be able to pull without breaking a sweat. However not all muscle cars are worth the purchase. Some of them can be deemed lemon cars. A good muscle car must also be reliable and have cheap parts. More exotic muscle cars are out of the question. Even if they are powerful and reliable, parts are more difficult to get and they are quite expensive.

To make things simpler, deciding on which muscle car is the best is just a matter of checking the numbers. Great cars are also popular and sale numbers do not lie. The best muscle cars are also the ones that sell the most and it is easy to understand why. A car with a bad reputation in terms of build quality and reliability will simply not sell. In simple words, all it takes it to have a short walk and check which muscle car is seen most often on the road.

5 Tips To Buy The Best Muscle Car

Buying a muscle car allows you the opportunity to get a prestigious vehicle in the motoring history. However, it’s definitely not a decision that should be taken lightly. Thankfully, a good investment will pay off itself in the long run. As opposed to new cars that lose a big part of their value, vintage cars only increase in value with time. If you’re seriously looking for a vintage car, here are 5 tips from http://www.murrietatireandauto.com/ to buy the best muscle car.

Give weight to quality over price

A lot of buyers search for muscle cars with a greater focus on price instead of quality. Often such folks end up with a bad car purchase. The repairing cost, the misery, the lost time, and the embarrassment are something that you ought to avoid. It’s always better and cheaper in the long run to purchase the best quality car you can afford.

Pay attention to maintenance

While you may be eager to own your dream muscle car, don’t get carried when checking such cars. Instead, take time and examine the condition of the vehicle. If the car is well-maintained, you may proceed further for negotiation; otherwise, look for other vehicles.

Assess your mechanical knowledge

Your abilities and mechanical knowledge are important parameters when seeking a muscle car. The closest mechanic that specializes in classic cars may be too costly or far way. So you should be handy with carrying everyday repairs of the car by yourself.

Be realistic

Many folks have unrealistic expectations about the muscle car experience. Although some vehicles are better than others, none could meet unrealistic expectations. So have realistic expectations about the car, its speed, and driving experience.

Keep patience and search thoroughly

Many folks are desperate to own a muscle car. Most of them choose the very first vintage car they come across. Unfortunately, a majority of them wrap up with a bad car. To avoid such a nightmarish experience, you ought to keep patience. Also, invest some time and explore all possible venues when searching for classic cars. Your efforts and time will pay off in terms of a good-quality, well-maintained muscle car within your budget.