3 Reasons Why Mustang Is Still The Best Muscle Car

The Mustang has managed to convince the world that muscle cars can be great daily-drivers, easy to maintain, has cheap parts and over the past few years, it is even much more eco-friendly. At www.kbmotorsports.biz we find the new engines in the latest generation of Ford Mustang use smaller engines but deliver plenty of power, have good mileage and have lower emissions. As if that is not convincing enough, here are 3 reasons why the Mustang still remains the best muscle car in the world:

1.  Most Powerful Car In Its Price Range

The Mustang has always been popular because a lot of people could afford it. It is still one of the most affordable muscle cars with almost no competitors in its price range. For the same money, it is nearly impossible to even find a car with comparable BHP or that offers similar sporty driving experience, precise steering and loads of torque.

2.  Parts Are Cheap and Easy to Find

Not only that Mustangs are affordable but they are actually quite cheap to maintain and repair. Being an all-American car makes the parts cheap, have great quality and they are very easy to find. This happens because Mustangs are popular cars and all parts distributors have everything in stock. Parts can be ordered and shipped the same day in most cases. For European cars, parts are much more expensive which is one more reason to buy American.

3.  Easy to Find Good Mechanics to Work on Mustangs

Being able to find a good mechanic is a great plus. Repairs are quick and everyone is familiar with their common problems. Some people even fix their mustangs in their driveway since parts are easy to find. Also, because they are very popular, there are a lot of mechanics that are very good with Mustangs. At the opposite pole, finding a mechanic for a European car is much more difficult.

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