5 Tips To Transport Your Classic Muscle Car

Having a muscle car means that you’ve invested a lot and therefore you should take every precaution to protect your investment. Sometimes you may be required to transport your vehicle for a service or when going for a vacation. Choosing to ship your car rather than drive it can be better since it minimizes the chances of depreciation/accidents. Nevertheless, hiring an auto transport company or choosing to tow a trailer yourself is a decision for you to make. Brake repair Temecula brings you 5 tips to transport your classic muscle car.

(1). Researching about the reputation and the safety records of the shipping company.

You can’t just trust any company to transport your muscle car. You need to perform thorough research on the transporting company to avoid disappointments at the end. You can decide to ask friends who have used the same services from that company if they were happy and satisfied and whether their cars were damaged after shipping. You can also check the customers’ reviews.

Additionally, check their safety records with the relevant authorities such as the state’s transportation department.

(2). Asking about the firm’s insurance coverage as well as checking yours too.

You should request to have a copy of the company’s insurance details for verification from the insurance company. This will help to know if your car is covered in case of an accident. However, you should check your insurance coverage as well for the protection of uncovered losses by the shipping company.

(3). Remove valuables

Consider removing valuables like removable emblems and car stereos to prevent any possible theft when shipping.

(4). Documenting the condition of your car

You can decide taking photos of the vehicle before shipping so that in case of any damage you will have evidence showing its original condition. This will help during compensation by the insurance firm.

(5). Enclosed trailers

You can choose this if you decide to tow a trailer. This not only offers the best car protection but also have amenities like kitchen, bathroom and pop up sleepers thus you and your car have quality time.

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