About Kaylee

classic muscle car repair

Hey!! Thanks for landing on this page, and considering me good enough to know about.

My name is Kaylee Kuhn, my friends call me “Miss Muscle” – as I am their one-stop solution for any type of classic muscle car repair, service and modification. Muscle cars became a huge sensation in the early ’60s and ’70s and the demand for such high-performance cars has been growing ever since. So, if you are a Muscle car enthusiast and want to learn more or just hang out with a group of people with same interest then you are gonna love this blog.

Why should you trust me?

I believe you are someone who doesn’t drive just any vehicle, so don’t choose just any repair shop or follow any random repair blog. You will need someone experienced and skilled enough to rely upon. I and my team have hand built hundreds of Muscle cars, Hot Rods, and Classic Cars throughout the years and know which parts work and which don’t work.

Read this blog to know how I left my normal glam world life to pursue my passion for classic muscle cars. I make some time on a weekly basis and write on various topics related to Repairs, modification, and maintenance of your Muscle car.

I am really grateful to see how fast this blog is growing and the way I am able to help people with my knowledge and experience using this website as a medium.

To keep up with the latest updates and new blog posts please bookmark this page and keep visiting us on a regular basis. Our special blog family grows bigger every year. Feel free to give your opinions and ask queries on the posts and I shall try to get back to you as soon as possible.