Beginners Guide to Muscle Cars and Why They Are So Popular

There is no denying that muscle cars are popular and the ones that do not own one wish they had a powerful beast waiting in the driveway. At we believe it is easy to understand the reason why they are so popular. Muscle cars are powerful, have a sporty look and they are very fun to drive. However, there are a lot of cars that pretend to be a muscle car. Appearances can be deceiving.

A true muscle car is the first of all-powerful. By powerful, we mean a big engine and plenty of BHP under the hood. Most of them are rear-wheel drive because it makes them more fun to drive and is less prone to understeer. A true muscle car must have at least 300 BHP which seems like a lot when compared with regular daily drivers and this is why they sell so well. Most people that are interested in muscle cars forget about how important the driving experience is and muscle cars offer plenty of that.

Design is also decisive when it comes to muscle cars. You can have trucks with 300 BHP but that does not make them muscle cars. Muscle cars are two door coupes with 2 or 4 seats, very little trunk space and a very large engine bay to make room for a large engine. They also very wide wheels to give them superior road grip but they tend to be less aerodynamic. For example, a Golf R has about 300 BHP but it is not a muscle car. Muscle cars must have aggressive lines to emphasize on power rather than speed.

The combination of all of the above-mentioned aspects, make muscle cars extremely popular. They might not be ideal as a daily driver and some people buy them as a second car. Regardless, a muscle car can still be a daily driver for someone that does not need a lot of trunk space or need to carry more than one passenger.