Tools And Equipment Required For Restoration Of A Muscle Car

Restoring a muscle car tends to be a very challenging project. The reward and the sense of accomplishment achieved from the restoration process creates a closer bond between the owner and his/her prized possession. However, for the process to be successful, a lot of tools and equipment are put into use. Some of the tools are very pricey and it would be a good idea to borrow or rent rather than purchase them if you are planning to perform the restoration process at home.

Below are some of the tools and equipment Hybrid Battery Repair suggests you will need for a muscle car restoration

(1). Space/garage

You need a place where you will be doing your job. Ensure that you’ve got enough space to store the disassembled vehicle parts during restoration. You may consider renting a workshop if you don’t have such a space. A garage helps to keep your car out of the weather. Ensure it has power.

(2). Air compressor

Having an air compressor, air tools, and a spray gun is a must during this process. Compressors can either be smaller or double stage. Every tool has a different requirement from the compressor so you should research well before you buy/borrow one so as to meet those requirements.

(3). Welding equipment

You will definitely need a welder for this job. MIG welder is easy to operate for first-timers. However, you should do enough practice before you start working on any valuable part of the restoration project.

(4). Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Have at least four Jack stands to safely hold your car. Ensure that they can hold the vehicle’s weight.

(5). Other must-have tools include:

  • Full set of wrenches
  • A ratchet and a full set of sockets
  • Full set of screwdrivers
  • 5″ air grinder
  • Die Grinder
  • Body hammers
  • Paint guns
  • Air files and air lines
  • Pry bars
  • Longhand file boards

The right tools on hand make all the difference in a restoration project.