What Makes Muscle Cars So Popular In Auto World?

Because Muscle Cars Are Hot, Big, Powerfull And Real Cars!

Your parents, your wife, your boss, your mates don’t understand who you are, what should you do? fight them? repeat over and over again the same? No, just say OK, leave and go to the garage.

At OC German INC, we know why cars are so great, they never complain, you can choose exactly the kind of car you want – big, small, sharp, refined, elegant, fast, etc. – and still you can modify every aspect that you want to improve it. And so, at the end of the day – or days, months or years to be honest – you end up with a piece of machinery that really express who you are.

So, why Muscle Cars over other kinds of cars? Well, they make you cool in a glance: they must be powerful and imposing, and that’s how they were designed to be. As a result, the path to be distinguished as a bold and striking person will be half the way close with a Muscle Car.

How much will it cost me? Not much to be honest, one of the appeals of these platforms is that they’re fairly cheap, you can get a Dodge Charger SRT from the mid 2000s for less than $10,000, what means that you can sit 5 people comfortably, get a big trunk, good features and drive at 140mph with no effort at all.

What if I want more style or speed? Well fortunately in the US and – thanks to a better-connected world – almost world-wide, there is a huge offer of parts, replacements, upgrades and customization options for every car. So, you can buy an old school, classic, hot 70’s Chevelle SS 454 and choose between restore its original engine entirely or, with the power of a click, getting an LS conversion kit that can turn it into a +600 hp monster, with sometimes bolt-on ease. Of course, getting mad on the mods will cost you money.

What about corners? Come on, 99% of the time you’ll be cruising, you’re far away from being an F1 driver, and you’ll crash for sure if you attempt going fast in corners. This cars are real, they don’t have to be fast on corners because nobody – at least no reasonable person – will try to hit 80 mph on suburbs streets. Yes, you can look at JDM cars, but getting a proper turbo for a Miata will cost you a couple of grand, and yet you won’t be able to listen to a rumbling v8, and won’t be able to carry 3 people comfortably. Of course, you can try to go Porsche or Bimmer but, seriously, you have enough money to spend every time they break? or enough time to spend for a replacement part that is flying all over a sea?

That’s why Muscle cars are so awesome, they were and are still designed for what real people want and need: cool-looks, space, practicality, power, speed, easy to repair and upgrade, all, at a great price.

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