What To Look When You’re Planning To Buy A Preowned Muscle Car

Every car guy loves muscles cars, no exceptions. There is a demand for them and there is no need to explain why. We at http://www.palumbosautomotive.com/ would like to explain what to look for when buying a preowned muscle car in order to avoid getting a lemon or a car with far too many problems to be worth spending money on.

Engine Choice

The general trend in the automotive industry is to put turbos on everything. Preowned cars can be found with naturally aspirated engines or with turbocharged engines. Turbocharged engines have higher cylinder pressure, are a bit less reliable and have turbo lag at low revs. On the other hand, naturally aspirated engines have less BHP per cylinder but they are much more responsive and have good reliability.

Maintenance History

It is nearly impossible to know exactly what kind of maintenance work was done on a preowned car. Still, it is better if you lift the engine cap and look if it has black smudge inside. That means that the oil was not changed at the right intervals. Check the condition of the brake pads, if the car breaks properly if the transmission shifts properly and look out for any suspicious noise coming from under the hood. If anything might seem suspicious to you, ask the dealer about it or have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

Manual or Automatic?

Manual gearboxes or stick shifts are quite rare these days. A manual gearbox may be a bit more inconvenient to use especially in start-stop traffic but it is reliable. An automatic transmission can be good as well if it is properly maintained. The main issue is that when an automatic transmission breaks down it is much more expensive to fix than a manual one.

Gas Mileage

Muscle cars have big engines which also mean poor gas mileage. It might be worth checking muscle cars with smaller engines, give them a test drive to get a feel of how they drive and handle. If they feel right, there is no need to go for a bigger engine because the smaller engine muscle car may save thousands of gas over the course of several years.

Here are some more tips